Why Humans Are Weakest Link in Organization’s Security Chain?

What lies behind most cybercriminal cases?

In most of the cybercriminal cases, if not all is an element of human negligence. Results from cybercriminal investigations are always interesting, and very often highlight the fact that humans are the weakest link in all cyber security structures. Many financial institutions have failed to realize there are many more ways to skin a cat than the obvious kiddie-script exploitation. Hackers will always find their way into your systems, especially when your staff are not informed about the basic cyber security hygiene.


All around it has been noticed that the IT team in any organizations are working in and out to see that there be no entry points in a secure system to unauthorized people, It is noticed that into place there has been a well cyber-resilient system which can be able to withstand any kind of attacks that could be made online, patched application software, strong intrusion detection systems, and intrusion prevention systems improvised at the network layer to be alert of any adversary activities whatsoever.

All this may be put in place but still does not guarantee a secure network. This cannot stop an employee from accessing audios, videos, and other files from unprotected sites. It takes an understanding to create a security norm that cautions employees not to click what they are unaware of the source or to browse safely to ensure a cyber-resilient organization.

It all comes back to the network users (human-kind), decision-makers who know security basics and those that build and control the network assets.

 What to worry about?

The curiosity of an employee;

Poking around: The employees’ inquisitive attitude to find out something is not bad but it costs an organization when you take a mile to find out from wrong sources or unprotected sources and from unauthorized sources. This may bring about a breach or cause the network security of an organization to draw.

John an employee of an Auditing company gets interested in finding out more about the organization’s background and obligations right from the time of creation. He gets meals at his desk during one afternoon and keeps browsing the organization’s documents in an unprotected network folder that he found. As the documents are quite many, John is curious about finding out what each document contains, He lands on a document that is identified by How much the company makes annually………. What do you think might have happened? Let your imagination fill the space

As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat. If only you had a way to know when users were poking around in places that they haven’t been before, or aren’t supposed to be in the first place…. you would wonder really how secure your confidential assets are in terms of confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) security culture

To note:

As the top administration of the organization, what rights have you given your employees, and who is there to watch what employees have access to? Do you even mind about the security of the confidential assets and the levels of access to these assets?

Are policies put in place that binds an organization and access rights towards organization assets plus usage of these assets?

It all comes back to the organization management to avail security awareness to its staff as it is the only solution to create a cyber secure and resilient body of an organization.

To this end, Summit Consulting Ltd has an answer to your cybersecurity errands and provides a hands-on awareness that will help you and your team to create an impenetrable or less hard to crack perimeter over your critical assets, with a good skill set to deploy.

Take a cybersecurity Awareness course here to help your staff learn how to create a security culture at your organization and also to make a cyber resilient organization. To book, reach out to Peter on 0705491997 or email: [email protected] or Mr. strategy on [email protected].

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