Why you must get a copy of the “How to get on the board book”…

Are you too good to be great?

“You will be the same person 5 years from now except for two things: the books you read and the people you meet.”

Who said that powerful statement?

When it comes to leadership, which books are you reading?

Get a copy of Mustapha B Mugisa’s new book on corporate governance and transform. The book provides practical insights for your career and leadership growth.

In the next paragraph, find a review of the book by Paul Busharizi, as published on Amazon, How-Board-Become-Fantastic-Director-ebook, to appreciate the what value you could be missing.

“Starting a business is a challenge in itself but believe it or not that is the easy part. The challenge of business all over the world not just in Uganda, is staying alive. It is George Soros who said “Survive first and make money later.”

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Whereas undercapitalization is a major cause of business failure, poor governance has to be up there as well. Governance, in this context, simply refers to how a business is run, how it is organized. Good governance does not guarantee business success but reduces the chances of failure.

That is why this book is essential reading not only for business leaders but especially, for those who aspire to join boards where ever they are.
The board determines the governance of a company — a bad board, a bad company, and vice versa. Bad in the sense that it can not maximize the value for its shareholders or clients.

A text which would have been boring reading comes alive with anecdotes from Mustapha’s own experience. His prescriptions for the improvement of board performance are worth the book’s weight in gold. The advice on how to get on the board takes the process out of the realm of luck and allows potential board members go about being nominated systematically and deliberately.

The above review is spot on.

You need to read the book to appreciate the value it offers.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa 2019. All rights reserved.

It is a good book that should win pride of place on the shelf of any business person.”

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