#WinningMindspark Never show weakness

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If someone does something to annoy you, and you get annoyed by it, you have actually shown weakness. That is why forgiveness is a powerful tool. They annoy you, and you just continue on your ambition, as if you noticed nothing. That is a strength.

While in primary, teachers at that level behaved like the children they used to teach. At the slightest mistake- writing a wrong date for the day—one was visited with verbal artillery and canes. Over time we noticed the teachers grinning and showing satisfaction at pupils who cried at the top of their voices and threw tantrums.

We decided to show no weaknesses. They punish you and you continued with your work as if it was a mere scratch. You just smiled and said ‘thanks for forgiving me, teacher.’

That meant the pupils helped the teachers to mature. Who told you that education is one-sided. Only training is one-sided. But when someone is truly educated, they demonstrate common sense and maturity beyond their age.

Whether it is at school, work or relationships, do you show weakness? Most of the time, innovation is doing what was not expected.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa, 2019. All rights reserved.


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