With our solution, SCL independently reviews the critical business provides and thereafter provides areas of weak spots. Instead of an organization having an internal audit department, this function is outsourced to Summit Consulting.

We give proactive, frank and exceptional services which an in house person could not ordinarily offer. Based on many engagements, we have realised there are somethings which add value while others do not. For example, much as having an Internal Auditor is verygood for a big outfit, for small companies the challenge is the lack of resources to empower staff to do the right thing. summitINTERNALAUDIT provides internal audit services. We visit all departments, draw an internal audit plan, and provide assurance of the state of controls in place. We give an independent review of whether the available controls are achieving the intended company objectives; and the risk if they are not fixed

We review all the critical processes of the business. Based on the findings of control environment assessment, clear practical recommendations are made. We come in to see if implementation is on track.