Are you prepared for uncertainties?

Don’t get ready. Stay ready. #summitRISK TOOLKIT gives you the skills to quickly identify, prioritize and manage top business risks. Whether you are a seasoned risk expert or a novice, our risk Toolkit will transform your risk management processes.

Can you answer the following Questions with ease?

  • Are you managing your risk ‘manually’?
  • Are you tired of MS Excel risk registers that are often outdated?
  • Is your Board of Directors concerned about your inability to keep them up-to-date? Are you keeping your key stakeholders like funders and Board in the darkness about your business risks?
  • Is risk management something that your team talk a lot about but don’t know how to implement?
  • Are you leaving money on the table due to lack of clear enterprise risk management that is aligned to ISO 31000?
  • Does risk assessment and reporting add no value to your governance processes?
  • Do you want to be on top of things and avoid surprises? 

The #summitRISK Tool comes with

  • Staff training pack – create risk awareness enterprise wide
  • Sample Enterprise Risk management framework – Comes packed with all key templates like risk registers, structure, and policies i.e. risk appetite definition
  • Board induction pack – role of the Board in risk management. Look smart before your Board of Directors with this clear presentation deck and top risks register for the Board.
  • Fraud risk assessment tool. This assessment report will improve your reputation among auditors, donors or funders, and often stakeholder – which means more trust with more resources.
  • Enterprise risk assessment Report (ERAR) template. Fast track your career growth with high quality, well designed ERAR template. You will produce quality reports which your Board of Directors will tone. Your auditors and other stakeholders will give you respect as well

Tool 1: riskESSENTIALS

Develop an enterprise-wide risk management strategy that is aligned to the ISO 310000 and corporate governance leading practices.

Apply the ISO 31000 risk management processes to your organization faster.

Launch new enterprise-wide risk management initiatives faster and easier than spreadsheets or accelerate the maturity of existing program.

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Tool 2: riskACTION

We empower you to champion enterprise-wide risk implementation through conducting effective awareness trainings so that process owners understand their role in risk management.

This is the best strategy to establish and sustain a right risk culture. And that is the difference our riskACTION tool delivers.

You will become and effective risk champion who empowers process owners to identify, assess, prioritize, manage and monitor risks.

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Tool 3: actionTEAM GRC

Give MS Excel a break! Automate your enterprise risk management processes and focus on things that matter most. Eliminate manual data collection and automate reporting processes.

Get deep insights and save time. Our tool makes risk management, reporting and monitoring of key risks easy, efficient and powerful.

Our clients trust actionTEAM GRC to identify and assess risks, accelerate business outcomes and protect what matters most.

Link your bank or core system database to our analytics engine and get insights on the dashboard by a click of a button.

Board Training on RISK

A lack of clarity of Board roles may already be costing you a great deal. Contact us for on-going board induction, strategy formulation facilitation or one-on-one coaching. Become a transformation leader in action.

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