Do you have a lot of money to spend on software applications and solutions like HR system, finance and accounting, ERP, membership management, mail exchange, whistle blowing system or governance, risk and compliance (GRC) systems and project management systems that you use only 40% of their total capacity? Do you have too much money to spend just like that?

If you buy off-the-shelf or already-made software, you run that risk. Most of the time, the vendor will send you a system for which you just need 40% capacity, but you pay for 100%!

Summit Consulting provides bespoke or custom-made solutions to meet your needs perfectly. You pay for what your business needs. And we deploy solutions and systems that are secure and robust. Our flagship solutions are:

1) summitRISK: And enterprise-wide risk management software. We first conduct your enterprise or organization wide risk readiness assessment to identify gaps and make recommendations to proceed. Any effective risk management regime require a good strategy, policies and procedures. At this stage we:

•Implement risk management strategy, with clear action plan, risk governance structure and key risk indicators, among others
•A software setup to automate the risk management processes. Instead of a manual risk register, you get an up-to-date risk of your top risks
•Includes effective training to all staff on risk management specifically, role of staff, senior management and board in risk management; risk champions and risk assessment and monitoring.
•Lots of editable templates u0026amp; tools in word, excel and PPT– to do it yourself.

Why you need it?

For compliance u0026amp; best practice:

The Uganda Public Finance Management Act 2015, Section 45(2) provides that:

“In the exercise of the duties under this Act, an Accounting Officer shall, in respect of all resources and transactions of a vote, put in place effective systems of risk management, internal control and internal audit.”

Save time, money and effort and get your organization on a strong foundation of compliance. Whether you have a fully-fledged internal risk management department, or are just establishing one, you’ll find our summitRISK toolkit the thing with all tools, .ppt templates, excel templates and word templates ready to get the ball rolling. Call 0782610333 / for enquiries. In addition to easy to use tool kits and templates, we automate your entire risk management processes so that the process is so easy, even new employees can adopt your risk culture so easily and assimilate to it!

2) Anti-corruption Agenda which include fraud u0026amp; whistleblowing policies u0026amp; procedures

•Want to create a model organization with an effective anti-corruption and anti-fraud Agenda? This is a toolkit for you.
•Working with your compliance and or internal audit team, we will develop anti-fraud and whistleblowers policies and procedures or update the existing one to align to the law u0026amp; best practices
•Thereafter, implement an anonymous whistleblower system
•Train staff specifically their role in effective implementation.

Why you need it?

Whistleblower’s Protect Act, 2010 laws of Uganda, provide that organizations must establish effective whistleblowing system that enable confidential and anonymous whistleblowing. This is a compliance issue. We work with your team to ensure you comply with the law, plus gain all the benefits due to effective whistleblowing:

What is included in the Anti-corruption toolkit?

a) Editable anti-fraud policies and procedures .doc format
b) Customizable whistleblower policies u0026amp; procedures .doc format
c) Annual anti-fraud declaration to be signed per employee editable template
d) Role of different staff in fraud management matrix – editable template.
e) On-line whistleblower system setup to enable anonymous whistleblowing
f) Free power point presentation template to create awareness about the policies and procedures

And optional consulting support to ensure effective implementation.