Summit Consulting provides practical custom training solutions. We are the only private company, as of this date, with a forensic training lab in Uganda. All our trainers are practitioners and experts in their respective fields.

We offer specialized training in corporate governance i.e. strategy, risk management and compliance. Fraud risk management, project management and implementation, IT security, computer forensics and productivity. We have a wide network of experts to provide unrivalled training to meet your specific training needs. 

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Summit Consulting Ltd has over the years created the best capabilities in these areas; summitFORENSICS, summitADVISORY and summitSECURITY.

Under summitFORENSICS, our focus is providing both reactive and proactive solutions. For the long period of time, Summit Consulting has come out clearly and established capabilities for being a leader in forensics; both training and investigations.

Forensic investigations is a reactive solution. You don’t help people when problems have already happened. Given our promise to business ‘improving the clients’ condition,’ we asked ourselves; how do we best improve the clients’ condition? Do we go when problems have happened or before the problems and help prevent them?

SCL invested significantly and set up a forensics laboratory and the Institute of Forensics and ICT Security (IFIS). The main objective is providing high level thought leadership training in the areas of Forensics, Advisory and Security.

When it comes to forensics training, the institute partnered with thought leaders in that area. We partnered with EC-CouncilParaben Forensics and Asian School of Cyber laws. IFIS provides outstanding training to organizations to help them conduct their own investigations effectively. But even more importantly organizations are able to anticipate cyber security events and prevent them.

On the other hand, we realized that it doesn’t help to only focus on one area of the training, SCL has invested a lot in providing training in key productivity areas. Most of the time, the organization has the resources to succeed but staff have not been trained to use such resources.

Every office has invested in Microsoft office. This comes with very many applications. Do you use Microsoft office yourself? Microsoft office comes with Microsoft word, power point, excel, access, one note, skype, and outlook. How much of these applications do you use in your day – to – day working? Would you say your skill level is at intermediate or advanced? How much is that costing you if all your staff are using these tools at intermediate level?

The number one tool of Microsoft office is Microsoft excel. This is a thought leadership productivity application only for people who know how to use it. Organizations have spent a lot of money but staff are using 5% or 10% and 20% for the most serious people.

Our productivity training which has been ‘the thought after training’ provides practical hands-on training to organizations that have already made the investment and ensure that before investing in other things, they are able to optimally use the existing resources.

We offer a lot of costume in-house courses based on client training needs. We are also in the process of accrediting some courses with National Council for Higher Education.

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